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Aluminium Titanium Magnesium LOQUOR
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Aluminium Titanium Magnesium LOQUOR

More notitia quia Aluminium Titanium Magnesium LOQUOR quod hoc est, autem auxilium usor ut melior intellegite Aluminium Titanium Magnesium LOQUOR.

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depictio producti

AlTi5B1 5 1 Aluminium Coil, CCB, Waffle, Stlck
3 1 Aluminium Coil, CCB, Waffle, Stlck
AlTi5B0,2 5 0,2 Aluminium Coil, CCB, Waffle, Stlck

At present, Aluminium Titanium Boron Waffle is recognized as the best refining flux for aluminum and aluminum alloy, which can prevent the formation of thick equiaxed crystal, columnar crystal and feathered crystal, and improve the mechanical and physical properties of aluminum and aluminum alloy.            

The mechanism of action of Aluminium Titanium Boron AlTiB is closely related to TiAl3 and TiB2. The size and activity of these two initial nucleus are important factors to determine quality of Aluminium Titanium Boron. The smaller the crystal nucleus is, the better quality of Aluminium Titanium Boron,  the higher activity is, the more difficult for the particles of TiAl3 and TiB2 are to agglomerate, the more uniform distribution is, the more high-quality Aluminium Titanium Boron master alloy can be obtained. When Aluminium Titanium Boron master alloy are added into the aluminum melting, a large number of heterogeneous nucleation cores are released, which can be used as foreign nucleation during the solidification of the melt and affect the nucleation process of the crystallization, thus refining the alloy grains.At present, the widely used method of Aluminium Titanium Boron master alloy is to add waffle ingot, sticks, CCB(cut casting bar)and on-line runner in launder. Online adding has the advantages of good effect, convenience, economy, flexible adjustment and easy automation.


Aluminium Titanium Boron Waffle Features

1.Evenly distribui structuram, reducing de- pulsionis adeunt

2.Prevent redigendum rimas et defectus,

Qualis superficies uber 3.Improve

4.Improve productum glutámato

5.Improve proprietatibus products ad mechanica

Aluminium Titanium Boron AlTiB Master Alloy Parameter

According to customer's usage and process requirements, we supply Aluminium Titanium Boron master alloy products as follows shapesï¼

AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1, AlTi5B0,2 stick: Dia. 9.5mm

AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1, AlTi5B0,2 CCB(cut casting bar): 100-1000g/bar

AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1, AlTi5B0,2 waffle: 6-8kg/waffle

AlTi5B1, AlTi3B1, AlTi5B0,2: 180-220k/coil


Aluminium Titanium Boron Waffle Package:

Lignum unum: 10kg / Fascis iste 1mt / grabattum 1mt / grabato

CCB: 20kg / currus, 1mt / grabato

LOQUOR: 1mt / grabato

Coil: 3coils / grabato


quality Assurance

1. Habemus ad productionem tardus et maxime professio technology staffers.

2. Cum ISO (IX)I: Quality Management System probatus MMVIII, ut et professionis provectus inspectionem et test apparatu staffer. Imperium stricte qualitas tegit omnis ratio est gradus productionem, inter quas ad inspectionem rudis materia, productum productio processus vigilantia et inspectionem.

3. Products ab omnibus probata sunt inter chemical compositionem fornacem: et compages frumenti Micro-productum fuit. Et omnis notitia est aedificare scrinium a database productum qualis, qualis, ubi productum notitia posset accessed perscrutans.



1. Stable performance, good and long-time refinement are the advantages of our products, which could be comparable with Aluminium Titanium Boron from advanced metallurgical company in the world.

2. Cum autem cooperante et Research Institute in Sinis University apud nos habent et maxime tardus technology productionem productio professio virgam.

3. More than 15 years for  Aluminium Titanium Boron master alloy.

4. Best Raw Material-All of our alloys are produced based on 99.7% purity Aluminium.

5. Exempla.

6. Pro servitium.

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